Admin Dashboard

An HR Dashboard is a visual display of HR metrics. An HR Dashboard can be designed in different ways and used for different things, but its primary purpose is to publish important HR metrics relatively quickly, at a reasonably high level. It is a good way to gather information from the staff, sort it, analyze it, and repackage it for the consumption of management and the executive teams of organizations. It is also a good way to communicate with staff on a regular basis and keep the organizations finger to the proverbial pulse of the organization. Employers should ascertain what works well for their organizations and what measurements they feel are critical and HR should summarize those metrics and post them for all staff, especially the organizations decision makers.

Leave Management

Employer can manage attendance, leaves, permissions though LMS.

User Rights Panel

Admin can decide who view what admin can specify role what user can view.

Reimbursement Management System

Employer can manage the expense and its reimbursement through our RMS.

Loan Management

Employer can manage their loan request, loan repayment schedule.

Employee Self service portal

Employee will get access to their own personal and professional details like salary structure, leaves, loan, reimbursement, payslip, tds calculations, etc.,

Compliance Advisor Panel

Admin will get notified regarding the compliances like EPF, ESI, Labour welfare fund, Staff and Establishment, Employment Exchange Act, etc.,